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Founder's Message

The Truth!

The truth is there is no such thing as 100% secure! That's right! That is a hard thing to hear, especially after the tragedies of September 11th in New York and Washington, DC., USA. We all want our lives to be safe, sound and secure, to return to that level of illusion where all things appeared safe, but a by-product of that fateful day was to wake us up to the realities of an insecure world on all fronts, not just domestic and foreign, but to life itself.

In that light, regardless of the hype and claims made by many of the top copy protection companies, there is no such thing as completely safe. This is based on the sheer nature of the beast, the "Internet" or to be more precise, the entire Internet, intranet, extranet computer/display media experience. If you can see it on your monitor, it can be copied! Regardless of how, it can be done!

Some companies throw fear facts around without really disclosing all of those facts. This lulls too many people into a tug of war between fear versus security. Those same companies are quick to take advantage of those fear responses by leading people to believe in security solutions that are not completely true, not by lying so much, but by omission. Please don't misunderstand me, content theft is real and losses exceed 3 billion dollars or more yearly.

As with any good thief, besides being intent on a specific target, they are also well prepared. This couldn't be more true for media and copyright theft. The people intent on stealing your images and content will not only find a way, but already have a way, already knowing whatever they need to know to get the content they wish to get. They are professionals and as such have already done their homework and are more than prepared. This is a reality few wish to discuss, but I'm saying it here and now.

That being said, there remain the rest of those, who would and do, casually or otherwise steal your content on purpose, primarily because it is so easy. These people have a variety of intents from casual likes, to outright commercial copyright infringement theft. These amount to roughly 98% of all users. Although we will continue to reach for that illusive 100% security ceiling, the reality is that in today's technology, there is no way to completely protect your content.

It is with this major segment of society that we have pledged and concentrate our efforts, so that hopefully one day, the display media we all enjoy and even depend on, will be void of a way to, and thereby eliminate the need for some to, steal your content.

Ultimately the war on content theft is evolving and will be an ongoing tecnology, just as the media within which it displays, evolves. Outside of companies like ours, it is and will be up to you, the user and the content owners, to state your rights loudly enough to be heard from the powers that be, so that the changes made or enforcement will be adequate and swift to put a stop, or at least place a serious dent to the accessablitiy of copyright and priveledged information on the Internet.

The Founder of . . . Invisitec

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