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About Us

Invisitec was founded in 2001 by inventor, entrepreneur and founder of Rembrandt Enterprises, an Interactive Web Design and Hosting Company. Invisitec has come a long way from the days of exclusively developing and designing web sites to being one of the leading Internet Copy Protection and Solution providers in the world.

Invisitec was started after he too fell into that all familiar trap, as so many others do, of being able to copy things off the Internet because they were available and it was so easy to do. After realizing that his "works" were just as vulnerable as everyone else’s, he realized there was a need to protect not only his work, but everyone's hard earned efforts from those who were not necessarily purposely stealing, but who were used to casually taking advantage of the inadequacies of Internet security.  Trust us... it is never important, until it happens to you!

Unfortunately, that security lapse continues in many forms to this day and has spawned a whole new philosophical debate surrounding the rights and privileges of those who help to create the Internet and its content to those who would use the Internet.  Some say everything on the Internet should be free, while others, like ourselves, see the logic in bringing protection to those whose content is proprietary in the name of the Internet growth, evolution and for informational purposes. 

Invisitec started out in the aftermath of the Dot Com boom bust.  From the onset, Invisitec found it a challenge to implement effective copy protection, considering all the variables found on the Internet.  At that time there were only a handful of companies involved in this niche market and since then, have seen companies come and go. After spending a year of intense developing and testing, Invisitec introduced the world to their first two premiere copy protection scripts... Protec and ProtecPro.  They remain the center for our core products.

Due to our continued innovative outlook and pioneering spirit, Invisitec grew exponentially from a small start up company to a major force, all in the span of a few short years. Soon we had clients from all over the world. To meet these requirements we have undertaken a concerted development program to seek bigger and better ways to protect our clients’ content.

With our dedicated development team, which consists of some of the most innovative thinkers and programmers, we continue in pushing the envelope of our software development, continuously experimenting with new technologies to provide the best solutions available in this fast paced industry, along with an ever changing Internet.

We offer to our clients, a complete line of solutions to address many different facets of content theft found on the Internet today. We continue to create proprietary software that enables us to match our individual client needs to their application requirements.

We protect what's yours, so you do have to.

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