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What is EncryptecSA?

Finally the long awaited "stand alone" program to our ever popular Encryptec HTML Service, now available to everyone.

Now you too can go a step above and beyond all the others. Use it to add that extra measure of security to any HTML page whether using other protection or not.

Created to offer the webmaster/developer a way to protect not only his or her images, but to protect the entire body or any part of their HTML page from viewing or using your source code. Stops spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages and prevent users from using offline browsers or downloader scripts that download your entire web site to their hard drives. Can be used to encrypt any HTMLs for added security.

EncryptecSA successfully encrypts ANY html page, including javascript, meta tags, it's your choice. Or, the entire document between the <body> and </body> tags can be fully encrypted, leaving other important information, like meta tags, Javascripts, intact... again, your choice.

EncryptecSA Sample Screen

Visitors to your site will not be able to find and save your graphics, links, e-mail addresses, javascript, or view any of your code, whether they choose to view your source or save your page(s) to their local hard drive.

Image-Splicer is one of our newest features and gives your graphics even more protection, by splicing your image into many smaller files. Visitors will see your original image as it is supposed to look and never know that your original image stays safely on your local hard drive!

NOTE: Users of Windows 98 must have the latest Microsoft Service Pack and Internet Explorer 5 or higher to use the Image Splicer.

Take a Visual Tour to see how the program works CLICK HERE

Download your 7 Day Free Trial - Here

Note: Because of download abuse by a few users who want something for nothing...
we are now pre-screening all our free trial requests.
"The acts of a few, condemn the many!"


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