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This line of solutions protects "full-view" images from a thumbnail format. Created to offer the average webmaster or professional developer of copyrighted images using thumbnail image display, an affordable, safe, secure way to achieve state of the art protection for all their full view images. An excellent value. The best, most cost efficient, exclusive full-view image only protection solution on the web.

This line of products was designed around our original product Protec, but we added databasing and automatic cataloging features to make entry and maintenance much easier, particularly for thousdands of images. Originally created for museums, art galleries, and libraries, or for companies that require heavy image display and cataloging, who want to convey the best of interactive experiences, yet want to protect their high resolution images. It has evolved into a full line of database and cataloging products.

Protec Applets
Tired of people stealing even your random images. Created to offer people an alternative to our image protection scripts. Built using the ever popular PHP language along with Java, these solutions offer a full line of image protection from image maginification to random image or combination random image and maginification all in one applet. Protect as many or as few images on as many or as few pages as you wish.

HTML Encryption
Two solutions are available. Created to offered the webmaster/developer a choice in the a way they wish to protect their HTML code. One, a stand-alone application that offers a variety of code chocies and the other a ServerSide encryption script that takes the drudgery out of encypting and uploading pages. The choice is yours.

Data encryption application. ProtecSiteLine is a powerful tool which allows you to encrypt many different files to a single encrypted file for onward secure transfer to clients, associates or company personnel. A new data encryption program that will allow Internet and especially Intranet (office network) users alike, the ability to encrypt, decrypt, send and recieve any types or size of data file/s, whether they be word docs, PDF, images or programs. Whatever is meant to get to the intended individual, you can be assured it will be for their eyes and their eyes only.

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Refund Policy: Please take time and evaluate our products and scripts using our demos. If a demo is not available, before you buy, please, read all the 'requirements' written in each listing. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the user's lack of knowledge of the scripts, functionality, lack of proper use, lack of script experience or a change of mind. Please be a responsible Internet buyer. Be informed! If you have a question, please ask before making your purchase. Since the source code is shipped with each script, once you receive a license or key code all sales are final. No exceptions. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE!
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