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  • Requires no plugins, readers or special downloads.
  • Includes a thumbnail generator. Simply upload your full view image only.
  • Visitors cannot copy your images on your website.
  • Locks images to a designated website.
  • No "right click"
  • Offline Browser* software can also not be used to download your image files.
  • "ProtecPro Lite" is a great program for any copyright image Web site setup in thumbnail format, including Adult websites (Pictures are available for viewing purposes only, and cannot be downloaded).
  • Visitors cannot 'Right Mouse Click' on a picture and 'Save Picture As'...
  • No hot linking of your images. This helps you save your bandwidth and the associated cost of bandwidth theft.
  • "Protec Pro Lite" is a "lite" version of our highly successful image protection gallery... ProtecPro and was written using the ever popular Perl CGI language and can be used on any server that can run scripts.
  • The same script as "ProtecPro Museum", but limited to 500 images ONLY!

Database Features

  • Requires no plugins, readers or special downloads.
  • All information and images are installed from an interactive browser based Admin.
  • Integrated database for cataloging. For example, the collections database, and library database, can all be searched at once.
  • Keyword, searches. Links to other media you choose.
  • Links to and from online exhibitions.
  • No limit to the number of records or amount of data. Connects to your existing website, easily configured to match your exisiting layout.
  • "Protec Pro" is extremely easy to use and requires no special training.

Added Security
  • As an added measure of security, encrypt the HTML with the use of our own "EncryptecSA".

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