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  • Browser-based administration interface
  • Browser-based password protected administration area allows the user to build and maintain their own gallery.
  • No FTP Client required
  • Uses a MySQL Database instead of a flat-file database for endurance and rapid access.
  • Allows admin controlled data input fields (restricted only by administration needs): Add as many custom   fields as needed to describe your media in detail be it an image, program, product, etc. For example: Title,   Owner, Color, Description, Dimensions, Year, Age, Weight, Preferences, Location, Description, etc. Choice of entry type fields is also available (textfield, textarea, dropdown menu, etc.).
  • Ability to turn on or off any custom fields to a global site search of the website.
  • Total web-based administration - Uses a simple admin form to upload items and information.
  • Browser admin password restricted to gain access to Management interface
  • Maintenance is a snap with online access. Can be maintained from any computer that has Internet access from a browser. No FTP client required.
  • No more managing multiple html files
  • Easily customizable, uses HTML templates for layout and design.
  • Completely template driven. Easy to modify with any web editor such as Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Can be modified to take on the look and feel of any website
  • FREE Installation
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories are available.
  • Can upload category images to enhance the look of the category index.
  • All thumbnail pages are generated dynamically.
  • Specify default height or width of thumbnails, aspect ratio is automatically maintained.
  • You set the number of pictures to show per page and how many columns to use.
  • Supports multiple file type including ZIP, Quicktime, Flash, JPGs, GIFs, PNGs, BITMAPs, MPEGs, AVIs, and many   more.
  • Highly scalable, supports potentially millions of images and movies.
  • User friendly interface
  • Add, modify, and delete items at any time.
  • Category display choices are highly modifiable. Chose one column, two columns or three columns, your choice. Automatic multi page generation for multiple items in any one category. Dynamically creates page jumps between pages.
  • Dynamic navigation generation of category link path with active path links.
  • All thumbnail images are created automatically. Note: Automated thumbnail creation requires ImageMagick, a freely available third party image editor available for Unix, Linux, and Windows servers. Already installed on most servers.

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