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ProtecRandom Image Protection Applet

Protects random images on any page. Protect as few as one or any number of images on a single page or multiple pages. It offers no right-click, no "Print" options, no Saves As, etc.,... all from one applet.

Auto-sizes to each image's default size automatically. Individual images can be made to display for a specified time or continuously, if that is your desire. ProtecRandom Image is a complete web application. Unpacked classes are still obfuscated and can't be easily decompiled and cannot be understood if decompiled. Images do not have o be called locally and can be called dynamically, as well as statically.

See a working demo of ProtecRandom Image.

ProtecRandom Image is PHP and Java based and the only advanced multiple image display applet available on the Internet today. It is designed to work in all major browsers with JavaScript enabled running Java or Java VM, using any GIF or JPEG image. The installation is as simple as intsalling most applets, but must run on a server that allows PHP. Integration requires some knowledge of HTML and image tags.

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