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ProtecSiteLine is a stand alone Windows application.

A powerful tool which allows you to encrypt many different files to a single encrypted file. A new data encryption program that will allow Internet and especially Intranet (office network) users alike, the ability to encrypt, decrypt, send and recieve any types or size of data file/s, whether they be word docs, PDF, images or programs. Whatever is meant to get to the intended individual, you can be assured it will be for their eyes and their eyes only.

You can then send it to anyone who also has the program, send them the password and key in a separate e-mail which is good for that particular encryption file ONLY, and you can rest assured your information is completely safe. Built using the highly recognized Blowfish encryption algorithm. Generates different keys every time you encrypt anything or choice of user defined password/key combinations, while saving the single encyption file in a predetermined directory for archiving.

The best in simple, easy to use, highly sophisticated encryption software for your home or office. Easily expandable to accomodate your business network environment by purchasing additional work station licenses individually or by groups. You can try Protec SiteLine™ demo without fear as it doesn't change any of your system configurations. If you decide not to use it, it has an uninstall feature that removes it completely from your machine!

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